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Why Your Lash Extension Glue Doesn’t Stick? Know The Reasons!

  • One of the most crucial elements affecting the lash adhesive's overall qualities and longevity is how and where we keep it. It is crucial to always adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the label. In general, glues must be shielded from the sun and sudden temperature changes. They are typically kept between 5 and 25 °C. Therefore, it must be cool and dry, however, we don't suggest putting it in the fridge. The time it takes for the glues to warm up to room temperature before use could be too long if they are kept in the refrigerator. Furthermore, some freezers can only reach temperatures of 5 °C.
  • The lash adhesive should not be used over its expiration date, just like with any other goods. The eyelash extensions won't last as long and the glue's properties will make it more challenging to work with, but it also poses a serious risk to the clients' health.

  • Before use, each component of the glue must be well shaken. Try the glue shaker instead of using your hands for unnecessary labor to avoid wearing them out.
  • Remember to completely remove and degrease natural eyelashes as well. To hide even the smallest defects, use a primer. It is applied to micro brushes, which are then used to brush the lashes from the roots to the tips. Before using glue, they must be carefully cleaned because natural lashes won't adhere to them properly and may prematurely lose their eyelash extensions.

  • The environment where the eye lash extension glue are applied needs to be monitored for humidity and temperature. If the humidity is too low or high, the glue won't dry properly, and the joints between the lashes won't stay as long. Additionally, a warm setting should be avoided because it will prevent the glue from properly setting. The ideal temperature and humidity levels for the salon are between 23 and 25 °C and 50 and 70%, respectively. Humidifiers can help maintain the ideal humidity, and special thermometers and hygrometers can be used to measure it.
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  • Everyone has a somewhat different method for dipping eyelashes in adhesive drops, but the correct quantity should still be applied. The natural lashes will not adhere to the artificial lashes adequately if there is inadequate lash adhesive, and if there is too much glue, the lashes will dry slowly and ineffectively.

  • There are two types of lash glue: one for professionals and one for beginners. To give the lash stylist more time to properly straighten the lashes, the glues for novices dry more slowly. Confident professionals will utilize glues with a quicker drying time to avoid being late for work. It is essential to select a glue whose drying time corresponds to our knowledge and skills.

  • It's also important to measure the size of the area where the artificial and natural lashes converge while putting eyelash extensions. The least amount of mechanical tension is required for the lash to come off if it is only loosely tied in one location.

  • The container has a big influence on how well the adhesive works. It must be constructed from unique materials that can withstand the chemical makeup of the adhesive and prolonged exposure to the cold of the drop. Glass, certain polymers, or stones like jadeite are the materials used to make the majority of holders. Additionally, it is recommended to use containers that will maintain the glue in a droplike state for a long period in order to prevent the glue from drying out too rapidly.

  • While dipping false eyelashes in a drop of glue, it's critical to pay attention to the adhesive's properties. If the adhesive becomes too stiff, it will be more difficult to work with and the eyelash extensions won't last as long. The adhesive droplets must therefore be continuously changed.

    Why Does Lash Extension Glue Irritates?

    Gas is produced as the glue dries, and as it does, lash adhesive traces are combined with the gas. The tendency of glue to collect moisture causes injury to the eyes. Because tears are present on the eye's surface, this results in sore eyes.

    During the application of the eye patches, some surgical staff members thin the adhesive with glue. Avoid doing this since the eye patch's surface adhesive will harden and irritate your eyes even more.

    The patient's eyes could not be entirely closed if they cry throughout the treatment. After carefully inspecting their eyes, wipe their eyes with a fan before continuing with the extensions.

    It is preferable to use hypoallergenic glue if they continue to experience irritation issues.

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    We hope that you know everything clearly about the lash extension glues. So, all the best!