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esponjabon soap sponge mother of pearl
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Esponjabon Soap Sponge Mother Of Pearl

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Esponjabon Soap Sponge Mother Of Pearl

Esponjabon soap, “mother of pearl” brings all the Mexican ingenuity to everything it gives. The design adapts and gives you ease from dry skin, leaving softness and a bright tone. The sponge formula exfoliates and nourishes your skin while other ingredients protect the skin from harsh rays, pollution and dead cells. And, the subtle scent gives you peace of mind. It’s natural ingredients are suitable for all skin types.

It’s clinically tested and with safe ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, nopal cactus extract, water, citrus extracts and barbadensis extracts, “Mother of Pearl” is an effective formula to cleanse the skin, purify pores and add glow to the skin. It cleanses the skin from the inside and breaks down all the impurities and makes your skin look charmingly clean and smooth. The soft spongy texture helps in eliminating dead cells and removing impurities from the skin.

How to use the Esponjabon Soap Sponge Mother Of Pearl ?

  • Get water on the soap sponge until rich soapsuds or froth is formed.
  • Apply it over your body in the circular motion, just the way you use soap or loofah while taking a shower.
  • Rinse it off with water and you are done with a soft soap-sponge bath.
Note: It is always recommended to avoid direct contact with eyes, consult your doctor if irritation occurs.

Top Benefits of Esponjabon Soap Mother Of Pearl

  • Deliver Hydrated Skin: The natural and safe ingredient extracts of Esponjabon soap maintains hydration and enhances elasticity and skin firmness.
  • Work as a Moisturizer: The efficient formula retains moisture and keeps the skin supple, smooth and fresh.
  • Enhance the structure of skin: This soap is formulated to keep you away from skin dullness and help the layers of skin to maintain strength.
  • Balance skin’s pH level: This ultimate duo of sponge and soap helps in lightening dark spots and restoring the pH level of the skin.
  • Maintain Refined Look: Regular usage of this soap sponge helps in maintaining a supple and better look.

Where To Buy Esponjabon Soap?

To buy 100% original product, head over to Spring Always. They have been dealing in top-notch beauty essentials for years and are dedicated to delivering original and genuine products at the best prices. Spring Always has made the shopping of beauty supplies easy with a quick payment service followed by instant confirmation. Plus, the site features several deals and discounts on a regular basis. In short, a genuine and reliable store to get the best authentic products at affordable prices.


Esponjabon Soap Reviews

Impressed with its key features and qualities, most of the women tried giving a shot to Esponjabon soap, “Mother of Pearl”. Fortunately, it has proved whatever it has claimed. They have observed softer, hydrated and moisturized skin within a couple of days. It enhanced the texture of the skin and the combo of soap sponge helps in removing dead skin cells. It is suitable for all skin types such as dry skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin or normal skin. The Esponjabon is way more than regular soaps and is definitely a no disappointment, Grab yourself a pack now and keep your skin glowing and hydrated.


Due to overdemand of this great product, and a shortage of polypropylene bags, the packaging is currently temporary. Rest assured although it looks different for now, the ingredients and quality of Esponjabon will remain the same. We apologize for any inconvenience and the cmpany is diligently working to return to their original packaging you know and love.
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Clear s.
United States United States
Just 2 weeks

Here because of TikTok !! Had troublesome acne and have tried so many products. Some make me break out more but you can feel the cleanliness with this one right away. Leaves no makeup behind for sure. Cleared up my acne within just two weeks. I’m amazed. Forever a customer and I got my order within a few days.

Juan G.
United States United States
Great price and fast shipping

thanks so much these are sold out everywhere