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The Mandatory Set Of Lash Supplies For Every Professional Out There!

For the greatest results and to create stunning sets, lash specialists need a variety of lash extension glue tools and lash supply in their toolset. While certain goods are viewed as "must-haves," others are viewed as "extras." The following are 10 items that any laser professional must always have on hand.

1.  Adhesive glue is the most important thing on this list. You couldn't add extensions to natural lashes without adhesive glue. You can consider keeping a variety of adhesives on available because everyone is unique and has their own preferences. If a client has sensitive eyes, use a specific sticky adhesive that was produced with less cyanoacrylate, for example. The temperature and humidity may also have an impact on the adhesive glue type you decide to employ.

2.  Every lash technician needs tweezers in their toolkit. You won't be able to pick up and apply lash extension glue without using them. Two sets of tweezers should always be available: one set for application and the other for isolation. It may be advantageous to have a spare set in case the prongs on your tweezers break. Your preference in tweezers will vary depending on the service you provide. 

The tweezers you select will largely depend on your particular preferences. Another artist who provides the same services may let you choose a completely different shape. Your decision might also be influenced by how much force you use with the tweezers. 

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3.  Of course, duh! You should invest in premium lash extensions. Take care when applying eyelash extensions. Any inexpensive or inferior extensions will be made known to your client, who will be required to wear them. Your clients should get amazing results for the services they paid for. 

Choose eyelash extensions of a good caliber that can keep their curl while yet seeming natural. Keep a stock of the eyelashes that most of your consumers desire. There are several kinds of lash extensions that can be preserved, according to the curls, lengths, and materials employed. You will be able to meet your clients' wishes for a new look, length, curl, or material with this method.

4.  Before putting lash extensions, you must clean your client's eyelashes to remove any dust, debris, or oil that has managed to get caught between their natural lashes and lash line. Furthermore, by doing this, you can be sure that the eyelash extensions last longer and that the lash adhesive you use will stick properly. 

Choose a lash cleanser that is alcohol- and oil-free, safe to use with extensions. Both alcohol and oil have the capacity to make the lash adhesive less strong and expedite shedding. As much as possible, stay away from using cleansers that include these ingredients.

5.  A second cleanser might be useful for your clients' at-home aftercare. 5Apply a lash primer after cleansing the client's eyelashes. Before connecting the extensions, use a lash primer to make sure there is no oil or dirt still in your client's eyelashes. Despite being a minor and straightforward step, this one is crucial. It's possible that we can't always predict how well the glue will adhere or how long the extensions will persist. The quantity of oil and dirt that is left on our clients' skin prior to applying lash extensions can be avoided or minimized, nevertheless.

6.  Spoolies, also referred to as mascara wands, can be used to separate lashes. Use spoolies before, during, and after the application.

These brushes for mascara are also necessary for your aftercare routine. Because of the buildup of oil, grime, and cosmetics, the eyelashes often congregate or stick out at strange angles. Spoolies are necessary in this scenario to remove the dirt without damaging your eyelashes.

Brush your eyelashes carefully to extend their lifespan. Never tug or pull on them as this will cause the eyelash extensions to fall off. Note the curl in the lashes. 

7.  This simple-to-use tool expedites the lash glue's curing process. Nano misters typically have a small, compact size. Even though it might not seem like much, it can reduce the 24- to 48-hour duration of your eyelash glue to just 4 to 10 hours. This is a significant event!

You can reduce the possibility that your client's eyelash extensions will sustain damage while the adhesive is still drying by shortening the adhesive's curing time. The binding is not very firm while the lash adhesive is still wet. Furthermore, at this time, even slight rubbing could result in early shedding and make the lash extensions point strangely.

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In The End!

Lashing is challenging. However, using the right tools and lash supply might help you feel less weary and worn out. It might also make lashing quicker and easier. 

So be sure you have access to and are familiar with all the equipment, supplies, and accessories you require. By adding these seven essentials to your cart, you can make your job as a lash technician easier.