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John Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Conditioner 10 oz

John Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Conditioner 10 oz

Paul Mitchell
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Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Conditioner preps texture and builds volume.

Beautifully Undone.

In today's #nofilter beauty world, there's nothing more desirable than effortless cool. It's that tousled, touchable look-an everyday, undone elegance. Never stiff or overstyled, Invisiblewear is formulated with velvet flower to soften hair as it adds texture and volume for relaxed, lived-in looks that take you from day to day.

What it Does: Detangles hair and builds body to create the foundation for a perfectly undone style.

How it Works: Moisturizes, replenishes and leaves a glossy shine.

Added Bonus: Lightweight formula infused with velvet flower softens strands for added manageability.

10.1 oz